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Maharashtra: Over 6,000 COVID cases reported in last 24 hours

As mentioned earlier, May 20, 2020 is the last Super Lotto.

For the three months the exhibition ran, it attracted some 29,000 visitors. Artists, management, and visitors feel it would not have been as successful had it not actively engaged the LGBT community. Little of this would have been possible without a coherent plan for the LGBT representation exhibition. They then had to put this to the National Lottery good causes funds. The application was successful and the exhibition went on to feature art as well as talks about LGBT people in Scotland. Some of the talks were:

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Even if you didn’t match any of the numbers nor the Lucky Spowerball scamstarts, don’t forget about the UK Millionaire Maker Codes! 2 winners are guaranteed every draw, so don’t throw away your ticket.

Former tourism minister A P Anil Kumar will fight from Wandoor and youth Congress leader Shafi Parambil, from Palakkad.

$223 million is the golden jackpot prize up for grabs over in the USA on the Powerball, while on the other side of the Atlantic the UK Lotto’s winning prize stands at a cool £18 million, with the Irish National Lottery standing at a healthy €6.5 million. Last on the podium, but definitely not least, is the EuroMillions, coming in at an eye-watering €150 million. Don’t be left out in the cold - enter now to stand a chance of winning!

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